Watch Chad’s Jordan Peterson Parody!

Chad plays all 3 characters, reviving his old Tino Ramos character from The Nancy Grace Lost Children Skit, in his new Jordan Peterson Sketch. Jordan debates a lesbian on clean rooms, lobsters, inequality, gender pronouns, corporations and more! There are also some subtle jokes about feminism and trans people.

Watch Chad’s Newest Sketch: Preacher Kenneth Copeland Inside Edition Parody

Chad made a parody on Preacher Kenneth Copeland’s Inside Edition Interview. It’s basically a satire on all televangelists and religion in general. Watch as this skeezy preacher tries to weasel his way out of questions. Watch the original interview for full effect.

Chad To Host New Show “Best Week Ever” at The Gatsby every Thursday at 9:30 PM

Chad will be producing a new show at The Gatsby called, “Best Week Ever” every Thursday beginning July 26th. Comics will not do previously performed material, but rather, talk about their week. The show will feature the most irreverent comedians on tour (that we can afford) and local Austin comics. No cover!

Chad and Chris Dillard’s Sketch “TSA Training Video Spoof” To Feature in Battle of the Sketches!

Fisher and Dillard’s “TSA Training Video Spoof” Sketch will be featured in Battle of the Sketches in San Antonio, TX on Wednesday, July 25th at Alamo Drafthouse North Park. Ticket information coming soon!

Chad Will Be On Good Set at 4th Tap Brewery in Austin Saturday, July 7th at 8 pm!

This is always a great show with 100+ people. Chad will be filming this set. Don’t miss out! No cover and awesome local beers on tap. 4th Tap Brewery is located at 10615 Metric Blvd.

Chad Will Perform at Saxon Pub in Austin on July 4th. Tickets are $20!

Chad will be performing at Saxon Pub (1320 South Lamar Blvd.) on July 4th to help raise money for various charities. $20 suggested donation. Or for $10 and a can of Spaghetti O’s you can listen to the show from the bafroom. Tickets can be purchased at the door or here!

Brand New TSA Training Video Spoof from Chad Fisher and Chris Dillard!

Chad and his good friend Chris Dillard make their co-writing/co-starring debut with this great satire on the TSA. They tackle so many aspects of the TSA’s ineffectiveness and pervasiveness while still being silly and real. A lot of this shit was improv.
Much more to come from Chad & Chris! Please like and share!

Chad To Perform in Lubbock, TX at Backstage on Saturday September 2nd at 9 pm!

Tickets are $10 in advance and can be purchased HERE. Or they’re $15 at the door.

Brand New Show! Chad will be Performing and Producing a Weekly Show at The Gatsby called Saturday Night Fever!

Tickets are $5 at the door! There’ll be free pizza and a DJ playing actual good music. This show is going to be like a party with comedy in between. Do not miss it. Party/Music continues after the comedy show!

Fisher to Start New Weekly Residency at The Local in West Campus!

FRESH NEWS: Chad will host Texas NORML’s 4th Annual Willie Nelson Puff ‘n Putt in March!

Tickets are $20 and may be purchased at The Texas NORML site.

Chad to Headline at The Blind Tiger Comedy Club in San Antonio on Friday December 16th at 10 pm and 12 am.

Tickets are $10 at the door.

Chad Scheduled to Perform at The 2016 Zeitgeist Media Festival in LA on December 3rd.

This will be Fisher’s 2nd time performing for The Zeitgeist Media Festival. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here. There’ll also be a canned food drive for The Greater LA Food Bank.

Watch Chad’s recent performance at The Blind Tiger Comedy Club in San Antonio

Fisher discusses the election, xenophobia and marijuana.

Chad will be doing a Live Taping at The Blind Tiger Comedy Club in San Antonio, TX on October 7th at 10 pm and 12 am!

Tickets are $10 at the door, $5 for students. Fisher will be performing with some of his best friends and favorite comedians. Don’t miss this show!

Chad will be opening for Martha Kelly from the Zach Galifianakis & Louis C.K. show “Baskets” on August 23rd!

Brass Tax at The Gatsby

Brass Tax at The Gatsby

This is a special show. Martha Kelly just recorded her very own Comedy Central Presents Special in New Orleans. Doors at 9, show at 9:30 pm in downtown Austin. No Cover! Don’t miss it! All the exclamation points!!!!

Chad will be performing at The Blind Tiger Comedy Club in San Antonio, Texas on Friday August 12th
Blind Tiger Flyer

Tickets are $10 at the door! Show starts at 10 pm.

Chad to perform at The Ventura Comedy Festival August 1-7, 2016!
Ventura Comedy Festival Flyer

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at

Watch Chad’s recent performance at Cap City Comedy Club

Watch Fisher’s set from Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas for The Funniest Person in Austin contest. Chad talks about Hillary Clinton’s dick size, religion and marijuana.

Chad has a new residency in Downtown Austin EVERY Friday at 9 PM

Evil Friends

Chad will be performing and producing a new show at Buffalo Billiards in downtown Austin every Friday. Doors at 9 pm, show at 9:30. No Cover!

Chad to Perform at Willie Nelson’s 3rd Annual Puff ‘n Putt on March 26th.
For ticket info please visit

Tickets are $15 and if you want to partake in the golf outing they’re $75. This is an awesome event in a beautiful location!

Chad To Perform at The New Orleans Comedy & Arts Festival January 20-24 2016!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.01.24 AM

Chad has been chosen to perform at the 2016 New Orleans Comedy Festival.
Please visit for ticket information.

*NEW RELEASE* NFL Concussion Skit

A satire on a scrapped PSA by the NFL concerning concussions. Making fun of both the NFL and the players for being too ignorant not to understand that using your head as a weapon isn’t so good for long-term mental health. Former star players and a coach discuss the impact of concussions on their lives.

Chad’s Stand Up at Brave New Books on 9/18/15

Chad performs at Brave New Books in Austin, TX. He talks about his recent trip to Europe, 9/11, the national debt and marijuana. Please like and share!

See Chad Make Fun of Nancy Grace and The Absurdity of News

Nancy Grace. What an ignorant jackass. She’s a fear-mongering moron. She constantly jumps to conclusions and creates her own courtroom on her show, convicting innocent people while ruining their reputations to mindless fools on national television. Also, her views on marijuana’s effectiveness as a medication are downright dumb and lazy.

Watch Chad as Alex Jones in Peter Joseph’s Viral Series “Culture In Decline” Over 330,000 views!

This segment has amassed more than 330,000 views! Filmed in Santa Monica, directed and written by Peter Joseph, the creator of The Zeitgeist Film Series, for his amazingly funny and informative hit show “Culture In Decline”. I’ve been a huge fan of PJ’s work for many years. His documentaries and other media changed my way of interpreting the world. When he contacted me to see if I’d be interested in being on the show I seriously had to take a few minutes to let it sink in. There were many a ‘holy shit’s’ thrown about. The entire series is gold. Peter has an uncanny ability to make information palatable and understandable, yet hysterical. If you haven’t watched this series you need to get on that tonight. Check it out here…

Chad to perform at Brave New Books This Friday!

Chad will be performing this Friday September 18th at 8 pm at Brave New Books, 1904 Guadalupe St. in Austin, TX.
Doors at 7:30. Show at 8 pm. No cover! BYOB! Donations may be made to The Bill Hicks Foundation For Wildlife at the event or by visiting

Chad Fisher Performs at Cap City Comedy in Austin, TX

Chad performs at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, TX. He discusses modern music, marijuana, Nancy Grace and religion! Check it out!

Police Prank Call: Chad asks ‘Why Truck Stops Have Names?’…Incessantly!

I prank call the police with basically no motive other than to get them to talk about nothing. After recording so many of these I had to challenge myself in new ways. And it worked amazingly well. The supervisor of the office takes over the call and more outrageousness ensues. Check it out!

Fisher Impersonates Conspiracy Talk Show Host Alex Jones in this viral video

Chad as Alex Jones. Enough said.

Part Two: Chad prank calls the police to report the Illegal War in Iraq…AGAIN!

I recorded these many years ago. They somehow got lost in my hard drives. I’ve cleaned up some of the audio and added subtitles.

Chad prank calls the police to report the Illegal War in Iraq

I prank call the police to see if they can do anything about the United States’ illegal war in Iraq in which more than 1 million innocent civilians have been senselessly murdered. And the police do nothing. But I thought it should be reported. Hopefully, they’ll take care of it soon.

Chad Fisher impersonates Annoying Libertarian Stefan Molyneux! Also, Joe Rogan Makes a Guest Appearance!

A skit making fun of the perpetually annoying and condescending Stefan Molyneux.

Chad Performs @ The Avalon Theatre in Hollywood for The Zeitgeist Media Festival

My performance from the lovely Avalon Theatre in Hollywood at The Zeitgeist Media Festival. A truly amazing show with one of the most intelligent crowds I’ve performed for.

Chad’s Satirical “Obamacare Spoof”

A spoof on Obamacare and how it solves absolutely nothing besides stuffing insurance companies’ pockets. There’s not even allowed to be a question of whether you agree with modern medicine. Or if it’s actually even effective. You just HAVE to have it or you’ll get fined! That’s how much the government/power structure cares about you. If you don’t get health insurance for your own benefit, supposedly, then you have to give us some money. How outrageous is this shit? That makes no sense whatsoever and is completely counter productive to making people healthier! They coulda bought some damn salads and fruits with that money you’re fining them for not having something that doesn’t work and is insanely expensive.

Chad Talks To Real People in his satirical skit “Senator Nick Putnam-Takin’ It To The Streets”

Might be my outright favorite skit. I created a fictitious senator named Nick Putnam many years ago. He’s one of the first characters I developed. He’s basically the complete embodiment of every lying, corrupt, corporation-bought politician. He’s incredibly forward with his intentions as a senator and will not hide his shady side because he feels the people are too distracted to actually care. He’s “been running the country for 230 years essentially” anyway. So, nothing’s going to change. Putnam goes downtown and to the capitol building in Austin, Texas to talk with his constituents in order to drum up support for a re-election bid.
I love this skit because, although I wrote a general direction that I wanted to take it, 95% of it was improv. Talking to real people, not actors, makes you think on your feet. You have no idea how people are going to react and what type of personality they have. Throw out that mother fucking script. It’s one of my favorite forms of comedy.