I’m extremely excited to announce the release of The Stefan Molyneux-I Know Everything Skit! I made this skit because I’ve watched many hours of Stefan’s show and felt his imbecilic nature needed to be parodied. A majority of the jokes in this skit are from things he ACTUALLY said. I just gave them a slightly more comedic twist. There are so many things wrong with what Molyneux believes, but the most ignorant of all his opinions has to be his views on women. I’m not offended by anything and this asshole offends me. Even Mark Dice thinks Stefbot says dumb shit and Dice is an absolute moron.
I’ve had the skeleton of this skit written for at least a year. However, it wasn’t until Molyneux’s “debate” with the creator of The Zeitgeist Film Series, Peter Joseph, that I became fed up with his total disregard for facts and anything resembling a coherent argument and decided to finish writing it. I chose to add a segment with Joe Rogan because although he’s a decent comedian, he gets on my nerves all the damn time. People act like Rogan is this genius comedian. In actuality, he only appears decent because stand up comedy is terrible right now.
I had over 6 hours of footage for this skit which was filmed over 4 days. No exaggeration. I took my time and reshot many scenes that I didn’t feel were good enough. That’s an amazing benefit of working alone. You don’t have to consult with anyone when you want to spend more time on something or make changes to the schedule. The bad part about working alone is deciding what gets kept and cut. I spent more than 40 hours editing this skit and a majority of that was spent watching clips over and over, trying to determine which were funniest. I left so many jokes out that I wanted to get in, but for the sake of brevity had to drop them. But that’s how it goes. Overall, I’m not sure I could be happier with the end product. I believe this skit is on the level of my previous work and shows progress with my writing ability and comedy. I think this sketch holds Molyneux up to the light of reason and exposes his ignorance in a comedic manner. I’m extremely proud of this skit.
I hope you enjoy it!