Chad Fisher is a diverse, independent comedian living in Austin, Texas. His comedy consists of biting social commentary and satire expressed through stand up, skits and prank calls. He attempts to bring awareness to important social issues and injustices through comedy.

Chad has performed at The Willie Nelson Festival, The New Orleans Comedy Festival, The Ventura Comedy Festival, The Zeitgeist Media Festival and many more. He’s also opened for Hannibal Buress, Jon Stringer, Martha Kelly from the Zach Galifianakis/Louis CK show “Baskets” and many more.

There is an ever-increasing demand and appreciation for Chad’s sobering, comical commentary as the world we occupy continually devolves into one filled with reprehensible hypocrisy, perpetual lies and avoidable tragedy with profit and the acquiescence of power as the only motivating factors. Fisher, through comedy, encourages his audience to think for themselves and hopes to inspire tangible change.

Never condescending, always empowering, Fisher believes the vast majority of comedians dumb down their audience in an attempt for cheap laughs with already ran jokes devoid of mature thought and typically heard in 5th grade bathroom stalls. Chad recognizes and appreciates the intelligence and maturity of his audience and covers material in a comical yet educational forum. When witnessing one of Fisher’s performances you’ll laugh, but more importantly you’ll think. As the late, great Bill Hicks rhetorically asked, “When did thinking not become entertaining?”

Fisher believes comedy should be funny and thought-provoking.

Chad promotes tolerance, diversity and love for all of the earth’s inhabitants. He believes that through non-violence, acceptance, applied technology and the dissolution of the current failed system that we can create a better world for every-fucking-one