The Zeitgeist Media Festival

December 3, 2016 Los Angeles, California


Time : 12 pm
Venue : The Zeitgeist Media Festival
Address : 801 E. 4th Place
State : California
Zip : 90013
Contact Website :

Chad is honored to once again be performing at The Zeitgeist Media Festival in Los Angeles on December 3rd, 2016 at Art Share LA. The Zeitgeist Movement is extremely important to Fisher and has helped shape his world view. Chad said, “Peter Joseph’s films changed the way I look at the world. They’ve influenced my comedy in so many ways and I couldn’t be happier to be performing amongst such inspiring voices for social change.”
This is a special show as Chad will be opening for one of his comedic influences in Lee Camp. Lee currently hosts the wildly popular “Redacted Tonight” on RT. Lee is an extremely funny comedian and social activist. This is going to be an outstanding show. If you’re in the LA area do not miss this show! Or you’ll feel like a fool. And you shouldn’t.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here:

From The Zeitgeist Media Festival Website:
“This powerful event, which parallels our more intellectual Z-Day event, seeks to use the power of art and media to help inspire hope and change in the world. This non-profit, Multimedia Arts-Activist Festival will feature live music, comedy, short films, spoken word, art gallery, collaborative/interactive-art rooms, presentations by prominent activists, artists, and thinkers, and will host a variety of organizations to promote solidarity and discussion of pressing social issues, as well as possible resolutions. Embracing a spirit of unity and exploration, the ZMF creates an atmosphere of catharsis from the creative suffocation of everyday life, while reinforcing the call for us to come together to realize long-term change.”

“The ZMF is partnered with the LA Food Bank to help aid the many homeless and suffering throughout the city. When thinking of ways to donate, remember that any food you eat or product you use to get you through the day are the types of products that could potentially be donated. Cans of food, non perishable, dry goods, etc.”